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Help Is On The Way!

Wave currently represents the most powerful approach to custom contact lens fitting available. All this power and flexibility however, comes with a price. The price I am speaking of, is the learning curve needed to really learn how to use this powerful tool. Even if you are a rather gifted and experienced contact lens fitter, this tool called Wave can be a formidable foe in allowing a smooth transition from your comfort zone of art and skill, developed over many years, to this brand new territory of technology. With this learning curve in mind, you may even be questioning your motives to take on this task. If you are finding doubts, let me assure you that the learning curve is well worth the time and effort to master because once you have climbed this mountain, the view from the top is incredible. You will see fitting problems that plague conventional design lenses just melt away. In the realm of Orthokeratology, you will be able to address prescriptions better than ever before with a finer quality of vision or even prescriptions that you may have thought impossible until now. View samples of what can be achieved with custom Orthokeratology designs below in the related links section. You will have very "happy" corneas and perhaps equally important, very "happy" patients.


Frustration Benefits No One

I have been "coaching" Wave users for quite a few years now and in that time I continue to see very common mistakes ranging from a minor misunderstanding to no conceptual idea of the desired goal. This of course interferes with success and can cause frustration, wasted time and money, avoidance of the program altogether, and dissatisfied, frustrated, or lost patients. There are currently three ways to enlist my help. You can also read what your colleagues have said about my consultation services below in the related links section.


Option #1 - Help On A Case By Case Basis

"... gain access to the philosophy..."

Direct help from me on a case by case basis through email and if necessary, by phone. I am employable for a fee, to consult on as few or as many cases as you would like. For example, you may be doing fairly well but have now run into a case that you don't even know where to begin. You might benefit greatly by hiring me to work out that case for you. For the fees paid, you will, in addition to receiving the lens designs, also gain access to the "philosophy" behind the design. You will learn how I approach each case which would likely result in you learning how to better approach these types of cases in the future. On the other hand you may be feeling totally lost using Wave and feel you are in desperate need of guidance. By going through cases in a systematic method, you can learn what you need to be very successful using Wave. If this option interests you, please click the link below in the related links section labeled Option #1. You will be taken to a page that will explain the logistics and specifics of this option as well as allow you to send me the case and securely pay for my services.


Option #2 - Phone Help, Per Time Unit

Phone help, to discuss a case or cases, general or specific fitting principles of different types of lens designs, or any topic(s) that you feel you can benefit from my experience and expertise. We will have the phone consult for either a thirty (30) or sixty (60) minute interval. Depending on the nature of the material that you would wish to cover, it may be beneficial to work with an online meeting program (i.e. gotomeeting, etc.) simultaneously with our phone time. I currently do not maintain any of these accounts any longer so you may wish to consider setting this up if you want this additional type of interaction, prior to our time on the phone together. If this option interests you, please click the link below in the related links section labeled Option #2. You will be taken to a page that will allow you to reserve either a thirty (30) minute or sixty (60) minute consult time and securely pay for my services. There is also a form to fill out which will send to me your suggested dates and times for our consult time together. I will then return an email to you coordinating our time together.


Option #3 - One-On-One Personal Time

Help, one on one, in person, in your office (or mine - whichever is better for you) with your patients (or mine in my office). I can make arrangements to travel to your office, and with your patients, do the work from start to finish while you observe. You may want to become better at fitting multifocals or perhaps you are looking into adding Orthokeratology into your practice in a big way. Maybe you are dealing with many corneal transplant patients. The reason doesn't matter - if you feel there would be enough patients in your practice that could benefit by truly customized and very successful contact lens fitting services, or you are just looking for a one-on-one "seminar" (no patients involved - just all the theoretical considerations of Wave taught so that your exact problem areas are addressed) to bring you up to speed, this option may be for just what you are looking. If this option interests you, please fill out the form below. You must submit your name and email address. Please include any other pertinent information in the box below and I will return your email as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you.


DVDs recorded from the Wave Winter Weekend Workshop

At the Wave Winter Weekend Workshop, at which over 16 hours of material was presented, the entire lecture was recorded and professionally organized, indexed and produced into an 8 DVD set. You can read more about the meeting, what the doctors in attendance had to say about the meeting and the material presented, see the topics covered, and purchase the DVD set if you are interested. One of the advantages of the DVD set is that the material can be referenced as many times as necessary as well as the appropriate topic can be viewed, studied, and used as a guideline in a timely manner coincident when that type of case is sitting in your chair. You can find all of this at the link below in the Related Links section.