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Contrary to the general public's impression, not only do bifocal contact lenses exist, they have been around for decades and can provide a fantastic visual solution. Bifocal glasses and progressives are not the only way to deal with presbyopia nor is it necessary for the contact lens wearer to wear reading glasses over their contact lenses to be able to do close work.

Bifocal Contact Lenses Art

Imagine Freedom From Reading Glasses

Are you reading this with your bifocals? Worse yet, did you take your glasses off to read? Maybe you're one of the people who just put on "reading glasses" for this task? Or possibly, you are one of the many who will just struggle to do your close work by turning the light up bright, while denying the need for glasses? Do any of these scenarios describe you? If so, the following information could be very enlightening.


Lack Of Awareness

Contact lenses may be a great, if not a superior option for you. Many people never ask about contact lenses because they need bifocals and are unaware of the possible contact lens options available to take care of their vision needs.


Bifocal Lenses Exist

"... more natural quality of vision"

YES! - Bifocal contact lenses do exist. The benefits of contact lenses over glasses are many, but at the very least will provide a more 'natural quality' of vision. You're saying to yourself "Contacts, me? - never, not at this stage in my life", but you are selling yourself short.


Many Advantages

Many activities are better addressed by using contact lenses. The performance as well as the enjoyment of sports such as golf and tennis are enhanced by contacts. Computer users can also benefit from contact lenses because unlike glasses, viewing does not require strained head positions. The dashboard of your car can now be easy to see clearly unlike through glasses. On a very practical level, men can see their face clearly to shave while women can see clearly while applying make-up.


They Can Work For You

People who have never worn contacts may be concerned that their eyes are too sensitive or that they will not be able to put 'something' in their eye. There are millions of current successful contact lens wearers, many who started by voicing these concerns. Specifically with bifocal contacts, the vision is not difficult to adjust to like bifocal glasses. Also, there is no specific "direction" that you must be concerned with when placing these contact lenses on the eye - the lenses will adjust themselves accordingly.


Bifocal Contacts Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

"Say good-bye to your bifocal glasses..."

It does not matter if you have had problems with contact lenses in the past. The recent improvements in contact lens technology have been responsible for many great success stories. If you are wearing glasses and are tired of the inconveniences of glasses, you can have vision correction that fits your lifestyle and will not limit your activities. Say good-bye to your bifocal glasses and see a better way. Start to see with freedom from bifocal glasses and experience the "magic" of contact lenses while enhancing your active lifestyle.


What Are Bifocal Contact Lenses' Benefits?