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Contact lenses can be in your future, despite previous failed attempts, misunderstandings, misperceptions, or misinformation that you may have gathered over the years.

Contact Lenses Art

Unable To Wear Contact Lenses?

Have you previously tried contact lenses but were unsuccessful? Have you been told that you cannot wear contact lenses because you have astigmatism? Have you always dreamt of the freedom that comes with contact lenses but feel that your eyes are much too sensitive? Do you think that it would be impossible for you to put a contact lens on your eye? Although these are the concerns that I consistently hear from people, they do not describe the factors that go into making a contact lens success story. I have found that there are actually only three issues that need to be addressed: vision, comfort, and health.


Superior Vision?

Better vision is obviously the main reason why people wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. If your vision is not good with contact lenses, you will not wear them. Some prescriptions, such as those with a great deal of astigmatism, may be more difficult to correct with contacts. Newer materials and technology not only allow us to correct these prescriptions, they can even give you vision that is superior to that achieved with eyeglasses.


Comfort Is Important

"Discomfort may be due to many reasons."

When your vision is properly corrected with contact lenses but you are not wearing them, the reason is often because the lenses are just not comfortable. Comfortable lenses are essential in making you a successful contact lens wearer. Discomfort may be due to many reasons. Possibly, the contact lenses are not correctly fitting the contours of your eyes. The material from which the particular lenses are made may be causing your eye surfaces to dry out. The solutions that you use to maintain the contact lenses may not be compatible with your eyes. By fitting and using the proper materials, the best designs, and the most compatible care systems, contacts can become totally comfortable.


Maintaining Healthy Eyes

When vision and comfort are satisfactory, the last but probably the most important factor is the issue of maintaining good eye health. Contact lenses are replaceable but your eyes must last a lifetime. A well fit lens, even if this lens must be custom designed and manufactured, is the best way to ensure healthy eyes. Chronic problems such as allergies also need to be controlled so that the eyes can stay healthy. New allergy medications and contact lens options have dramatically helped with this problem.


But My Eyes Are Sensitive?

Great vision, comfort, and health are the essential ingredients to successful contact lens wear. Sensitive eyes will not interfere with your becoming a contact lens wearer. The fear associated with being capable of placing contact lenses on your own eyes can be overcome with the proper training. The majority of current contact lens wearers started with these very same concerns.


Success Awaits!

"Now is the time..."

Whether you have never tried contact lenses before, or have previously failed with contact lenses, your time has arrived. With the advanced contact lens technology now available, your success and freedom can be waiting for you around the corner. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or the need for bifocals or even trifocals does not mean that you cannot wear contacts. Now is the time to investigate this wonderful option.