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No Blur! EyeMail is a free service, courtesy of No Blur! EyeMail is a periodic mailing about eye related topics.

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The No Blur! EyeMail Newsletter

Thank you very much for taking the time to sign up for The No Blur! EyeMail Newsletter. When you enter your email address, we will send you periodic EyeMail containing the most recent developments in eyecare today. The No Blur! EyeMail Newsletter is sent out approximately four times per year. It will also contain interesting information about your eyes. You may also use this form to be removed from the list. You can view the previous EyeMail Newsletters in the archives below. Please tell your friends about this service, but respect their rights. Please DO NOT enter email addresses that are not your own.


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Our apologies but the No Blur! EyeMail is currently under repair. We will have this up and running again as soon as possible.