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Polycarbonate: Pleasant Peeper Protection

What is polycarbonate? Is it a household appliance or sunburn treatment cream? Is it a sophisticated automobile part or maybe a bubbly drink for a parrot? Not quite! It is a very unique type of plastic with some very special properties. So what is so special about this space age polymer plastic that is used for space helmet visors, and what does it have to do with your eyes?


Polycarbonate Is Safe

Optical grade polycarbonate is the most impact resistant material used to make eyeglass lenses today. It is the strongest lens available and therefore affords the greatest protection for your eyes. With such a high degree of protection, polycarbonate is the ideal lens material for all children, anyone with an active lifestyle, or people with compromised or limited vision. Children are often more interactive with their environment than the typical adult, and their rough and tumble activities can result in broken or shattered glasses. With this in mind, protecting their eyes becomes extremely important. For safety reasons alone, I prescribe polycarbonate for all children, anyone who is active in sports like tennis and squash, or anyone with only one functional eye.


Other Advantages

"Polycarbonate lenses can be made thinner than standard plastic..."

Polycarbonate offers some other very important advantages over standard plastic lenses. Polycarbonate lenses can be made thinner than standard plastic, and therefore more cosmetically appealing. Also, although standard plastic lenses weigh less than glass lenses, polycarbonate weighs even less than standard plastic. Making glasses lighter in weight makes them more comfortable to wear. And certainly not least important, polycarbonate also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays which can lead to cataract formation and retinal damage.


Child Resistant?

Making eyeglasses totally child-proof may be nearly impossible. But when it comes to lenses, polycarbonate is the most child-resistant lens available. The lightweight and thin nature of this material also makes it an ideal choice to make the glasses more comfortable for your child to wear. These lenses also have their surfaces specially treated with a scratch-resistant coating to help them withstand the activities in which children are typically involved. Of course, these wonderful features need not be limited to use by children, since adults can also benefit from these advantages. Polycarbonate is available in bifocals, progressives and even lenses that change from light to dark when going out in the sun. All these benefits of polycarbonate make it a perfect choice for anyone wearing glasses.


Not Only For Children

Comfortable, lightweight, thin lenses, with an extra margin of safety makes for great features in eyeglasses. If your kids like to be kids, the protection given by polycarbonate makes it the best choice for eyeglass lenses. Give your children's or your own eyes the benefits that polycarbonate lenses can provide to eyeglass wearers.