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Wave is a design system that empowers Dr. Maller to design the most sophisticated contact lenses just for you.

Wave Technology Art
Wave Technology Art

Catch The Wave

Bifocal patients, keratoconus patients, transplant patients, post refractive surgery patients and other difficult-to-fit eyes should absolutely consider Wave contact lens designs. People who have not had any trouble with contact lenses at all, however, can also consider Wave contact lenses because the Wave design and manufacture are likely to be superior to what you are currently wearing. Wave lenses know exactly how the central and peripheral cornea are shaped. The fit follows the shape (exploded view in round insert on left) leading to a better, more comfortable lens. Typical Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses do not follow the exact shape of the cornea, especially in the periphery (exploded view in round insert on right). A poor peripheral fit can result in blink discomfort.


Curves, Curves, And More Curves

"Why order off the shelf contact lenses?"

Nature designed eyes so why not contact lenses? Just as no two fingerprints are the same, neither are two eyes. This is especially true with your cornea, the clear tissue where your contact lens sits. The cornea may look smooth and regular, but in fact its shape and texture are irregular. Wave contact lenses are designed like no other lens. A special camera called a corneal topographer creates a topographic map that digitally describes your cornea with thousands of numbers. With Wave's special design software, Dr. Maller will use the data from the map to create a custom lens that follows almost every tiny curve and shape on your cornea. In the width of a hair, there may be as many as 10 distinct curves on the back of the lens. With so many curves, Wave lenses offer unrivaled comfort and sharper optics. Many unsuccessful contact lens wearers are successful Wave lens users. Why order off the shelf contact lenses? Wave can allow the design of the lens just as nature intended.