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Television News Story on Dr. Maller.

By Marilyn Mitzel
January 2004

There's a new way doctors are helping people who can't see well after Lasik. They're prescribing personalized contacts molded specifically for a person's eyes.

(WSVN) -- Laser eye surgery is more precise and safer then ever before. Still it's not an exact science - even for the so-called "perfect" candidates - things can and do go wrong.
Stephen Crisafulli, who had surgery says, "I couldn't see very well when I was done. Instead of seeing one of things, I would see 3 or 4 of things and that was in each eye so it was pretty chaotic."
Surgery left Stephen with irregular-shaped corneas.
Stephen says, "There was no going back to glasses. I wish it were that easy."
Desperate to eliminate the blur he hit the internet and discovered custom contact lenses.
Optometric Physician Dr. Kenneth Maller says, "We build a lens right from the digital mold that we take of their eye."
"I want you to look right at the center of the green light...(beep beep beep)...Perfect."
The lenses are made to fit Stephen's irregular shaped corneas perfectly - so he sees clearly again.
Stephen says, "I certainly took vision for granted. I don't anymore. I'm really happy to have it back."
These custom contacts can also be used to reshape the cornea so you don't need glasses any more.
Rayn Smith, who wears custom contacts, says, "I always wanted to not wear glasses."
All you've got to do is sleep in them every night - take them out in the morning and see perfectly.
Because they're custom made some patients see results within hours instead of weeks with regular corneal refractive therapy.
Dr. Maller says, "I put the lens on ... I then had him sit in the reception area for about two hours ... I examined him again. .... certainly 90 to 95 percent of his prescription was already gone."
Rayn says, "It's been great - I mean I can't complain."
Like regular lenses - custom contacts must be replaced every so often and costs up to 60 dollars more.

Reprinted with permission from WSVN News - Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved. 


Video from the WSVN 7 News Broadcast